It was because of Graduate Study that my dream of studying in the UK came true. I am really thankful about the service. I would like thank my recruiter Mr. Geoff.A and Mr. Mreenal C. I have nothing more to say.
Thank you!! D. R. India.

Yes,i have indeed been benefited by your company and Dr.Geoff Abbott has gone out of his way to guide me.Though personal constraints have forced me to postpone my decision of pursuing higher studies,yet i know that in the future i will definitely realise my dream...S. B. India


Dream foundation

Dream Foundation works cross-Europe to create opportunities, provide information and support studies abroad.
Through Dream Foundation it is possible to enrol into nearly 60 schools from all over the world. The schools offer more than 3000 study programs in English and we strive to make the choice even wider. Schools have been previously thoroughly assessed to ensure the quality of studies.
We value creativity, openness, cooperation and dedication. It is important for us to help people move closer to the realisation of their dreams.
With more than 3000 educational programs in English, provided by higher education institutions from all over the world, Dream Foundation is dedicated to broadening your reach and offering students high-quality educational opportunities together with a cultural experience.
There are more than 80 people actively participating in the everyday work of the organization. Dream foundation's team members have more than 11 years of experience working in the youth and/or education sector. Thanks to their former and current dedication, more than 2000 people have gone to study abroad from 15 different countries.