The service,facilities and support provided to me by Graduate study is exceptional and overwhelming. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Geoff Abbott and Mr. Mreenal Chakroborty for their sustenance. Mr Geoff has guided me throughout the progression and his vibrant presence has made the whole process of studying in UK so easier for me. 




Environmental Policy Statement

Graduate Study in UK Ltd is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment and, as an organisation that places the leaders of tomorrow, communicating (and thereby educating) its clients in sustainable business practice.

The key points of its strategy to achieve this are: 

  • Minimise toxic emissions through the smart selection and use of travel, both domestic and foreign.
  • Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our clients and suppliers.
  • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the Company.
  • Work virtually, where possible, and communicate digitally, where practicable  


As a company we are committed to constantly review and implement working procedures to: 

  • Reduce pollution.
    Save energy.
    Be a responsible/sustainable communicator and educator
    We expect, check and inspect 3rd party supplier environmental credentials as part of our sustainable work practice.


As a company we ensure where possible:

  • Bought-in paper is of a recycled content or FSC.
  • We operate recycling of all paper waste.
  • All printers and computer settings are pre-set to black print as default.
  • All screens are switched off at night.
  • All lights are switched off at night.


Nicholas Wilkinson (Director)