The service,facilities and support provided to me by Graduate study is exceptional and overwhelming. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Geoff Abbott and Mr. Mreenal Chakroborty for their sustenance. Mr Geoff has guided me throughout the progression and his vibrant presence has made the whole process of studying in UK so easier for me. 




Fyling Hall School

Why Board at Fyling Hall?

Beautiful and safe rural surroundings, overlooking the coast
Bright, cheerful dorms
Choice of smaller, character-full rooms in Main House for older girls
A friendly, family atmosphere
A chance to be more independent
Easier to work in supervised prep sessions
Excellent food
Comfortable common rooms with TV/DVD, kettle and snack-making equipment
Great opportunities to meet new people and make friends
Plenty of time after school hours to enjoy with friends
Easier to participate in sport, drama, music and other extra-curricular activities
Regular outings to local towns, the cinema, theatre, sporting events etc