The service,facilities and support provided to me by Graduate study is exceptional and overwhelming. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Geoff Abbott and Mr. Mreenal Chakroborty for their sustenance. Mr Geoff has guided me throughout the progression and his vibrant presence has made the whole process of studying in UK so easier for me. 




Stenden University of Applied Science

Stenden University of Applied Sciences (Dutch: Stenden Hogeschool) is a state funded vocational university in the northern Netherlands. The School is the product of the 2008 merger of Hogeschool Drenthe and Christelijke Hogeschool Nederland.
Stenden University accommodates more than 11000 students and provides employment for over 800 people. The university, though based in Leeuwarden, also operates establishments in the Dutch towns of Emmen, Meppel, Assen and Groningen. Stenden also has campuses in Qatar (Doha), South-Africa (Port Alfred, Stenden University South Africa), Thailand (Bangkok), and Indonesia (Bali).
The Hogeschool Drenthe began as Teachers’ Training Colleges operating in Assen, Emmen and Meppel. Later, the school in Emmen begun a course in laboratorium training, IHBO and soon after the program Hoger Economisch en Administratief Onderwijs (HEAO). In the mid-1980s these schools fusioned, creating the Hogeschool Drenthe. The Hogeschool Drenthe has since broadened; next to students from the Netherlands the Hogeschool Drenthe also caters for students from other European countries, Asia and Africa. In January 2008 the Hogeschool Drenthe merged with the Christelijke Hogeschool Nederland (CHN) in Leeuwarden to Stenden University.
Stenden offers 3 associate degrees, 19 bachelor programmes and 4 master programmes in the fields of (Service) Management, Education, Care, Economics and Technique.